Team and Founders

box-wideKamron and Cindy bought American Printing in 1982, when it was just a small copy shop in downtown Palo Alto. Their shop had a few black and white copiers and offered some limited bindery services, in a time when color copying or personal computers didn’t exist. Since taking over the business they have consistently stayed on top of the technological changes in the industry, and were one of the first print shops in the Bay Area to acquire a color printer. Today their drive to offer only the best services from the highest-end line of equipment has led them to a 14,000 square foot facility. And through it all their employees have been there, helping to build a family-run supportive environment with top-notch customer service.

Founders Kamron and Cynthia Motamedi
box-narrowIn 1980 Kamron was a new dad. Having spent the last decade in the restaurant industry working long and late hours, he wanted to spend time with his family in the evenings.  Looking for a service profession that enabled him to support and spend more time with his family, he discovered American Printing. From his first day at the company he fell in love with the ability to work creatively, customize each project based on a customer’s needs, and go above and beyond clients’ expectations. Over the years Kamron and his wife Cindy have had the privilege of serving countless of the fastest growing technology companies, many of the most prestigious investment and law firms and virtually all of the Bay Area’s universities.

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